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When parents divorced, child custody is often one of the most critical concerns for both parents. Physical custody determines where the child will primarily live. Legal custody determines who will make important decisions about the child’s education, healthcare, religion, and more. Many parents getting divorced worry about how often they will see their children or whether their children will be safe and well-cared for when they are with the other parent or care-provider. I am a family lawyer with decades of experience helping clients find effective solutions to child custody and visitation issues. Whether you and your ex-spouse need assistance in creating a parenting plan or you need an attorney to represent you in a court battle, I am here for you.  


Toole Law Offices is based in Fort Wayne, IN and we serve clients in the surrounding areas. Find out how I can assist you by calling for a free initial consultation today.

How Can a Child Visitation Lawyer Assist You?

A child custody and visitation lawyer can assist you in coming to a mutual agreement or fighting for your interests in a dispute 

  • Helping you understand the complex Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines, which play a large role in determining visitation plans 
  • Represent you in negotiations or litigation involving child custody disputes  

Speak With a Local Custody Attorney in Fort Wayne, IN and the Surrounding Areas

Whether you are simply looking for advice or you need representation in court, I will fight to achieve the best possible outcome for you. Contact Toole Law Offices today to discuss your situation with me in a free 30-minute initial consultation. 

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    Clarence J.

    I had a very positive and respectful Experience. Definitely works hard for the client. Would Recommend. 😊

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    Tahesia P.

    Liz is extremely thorough, skilled, and professional in her practice.

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    Laura R.

    Very intelligent thoughtful attorney, respectful of your time and money. Helped greatly in my time of need.

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    Brooke M.


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