More than anything else, the divorce process presents an opportunity for individuals to make a fresh start. In some cases, this can mean moving to a new city or even a new state. When children are involved, the decision to relocate can be a difficult one. Before making the decision to move to a new location, newly divorced parents should consider a number of factors.


First, one of the most important factors for a newly divorced parent to consider is whether your ex-spouse will agree to the relocation. If they do not, then the process may take longer and be more expensive than originally anticipated. In some cases, it may even be necessary to get permission from a court to move out of state. Courts are likely to consider a number of factors in making their decision, but the most important point is whether the move would be in the best interests of the children involved.


Second, it is essential for divorced parents to reflect realistically on whether a proposed move is, in fact, best for their children. More than anything else, a parent must realize that while a move from an ex-spouse may be appealing for them, it can be devastating for children to be separated from one of their parents. Depending on their age, it is a good idea to solicit feedback from your children regarding the decision to move.


Third, before making the decision to move, it is important to have a plan for day-to-day matters. For example, where will your children attend school? If you are unable to watch them, do you have friends or family available in the area who can? Will you have the same kinds of career opportunities available to you in your new home?


Finally, although it may be difficult, it is essential to speak to your ex-spouse regarding your decision to move. Communicating can allow both parents to express their concerns and work together to develop a plan for parenting and visitation. In many cases, communicating openly can help reduce conflict. The court will also likely consider whether parenting time has been denied or limited in the past by the relocating parent. If there has been a problem with a parent being able to exercise his or her parenting time, it may affect whether the court allows the relocation.


If you are considering divorcing your spouse, it is natural to have questions about child custody, child support, visitation and other matters. To learn more, schedule a consultation with an experienced divorce attorney. A divorce attorney can explain your rights, provide you with an overview of the divorce process and help you decide on what steps to take next. Speak to an attorney today.

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